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5 Things Thursday: 5 Great Interior Color Palettes for 2020

It has been a busy couple weeks! Quarantine or no, design keeps happening! That doesn’t mean it status quo, though. The design world missed a really big event this year: High Point Spring Market. With something like 2000 vendors and furniture makers and over 75,000 attendees, it’s a big event! It understandably could not happen in this current state of self-isolation. However, that does not mean designers missed out entirely. Many vendors went virtual! The past few days have been filled with zoom presentations, YouTube streams, and other clever online ways to bring us humble designers the latest and greatest in the industry. And all I can say is… So. Much. Cool. Stuff!

One of things I love about events like High Point is ability to see in one place (or, in the case of this year, several virtual offerings) what’s new in a great visual smorgasbord. When you see it that way, you get a really great feel for trends. So, for Five Things Thursday, I thought I would bring you five amazing colors / color combinations that are showing up and that cross the gamut from fresh and unexpected to luxurious to peaceful and calming.

GRAPE JUICE (no, seriously, that's what it's called!)

Duluxe Colors


CHARCOAL (grey isn't going's just gotten darker!)

DeVol Kitchens
Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal


Smeg Small Appliances

Serena & Lily

What do you think?!?! Some pretty amazing colors, right? Pick one or two and give them a try…whether you choose to embrace them in a big way or in little bits and pieces here or there. Personally, I’m loving a little grape juice + a little charcoal + lots of soft creamy white with some dark pewter accents sprinkled in. Heavenly!

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